Lookeen Review

For years now PC users have been longing for the perfect search tool for their computers. The default searches on PC always seem to fall a little short in this digital world. The majority of our files now, are in digital formats. Documents, Music, Photos, and even Books these days have their own digital formats. This means computers are swimming with files that need to be organized and searched as quickly as possible.


Early on there was Google Desktop Search. While it was a worthy search tool, and had simplicity to it that many people enjoyed, Google discontinued support for its Desktop Search alternative in 2011, and even before this occurred, it hasn’t had a major update since 2009. Millions of people have been left with the task of finding a Google Desktop alternative. If you are still using Google Desktop, you might want to consider changing search tools. This is where Lookeen Desktop Search comes in. Lookeen is not just an alternative for Google Desktop Search, but also for the default Windows search. It has all the makings of a great search tool, and so much more.


If you were used to the easy ways of Google Desktop like I was, you need not worry, as Lookeen has integrated the CTRL double click function, which opens up Lookeen Desktop Search, and you can quickly look for your files and folders. It also boasts a cleaner and much easier to handle interface compared to GD. Move seamlessly through options and filters to better your search results.


This is also where Lookeen Desktop Search will help you on boosting your productivity and results. It features an amazing array of filter category options, 25+ different filter options to be exact that you will be able to toggle. This will greatly narrow your search results to exactly what you need. If that isn’t enough I found that having the ability to add different file types into the index settings also greatly improved my search results. With the amount of search customization that can be done with Lookeen Desktop Search, I can see how some PC users may find it a bit intimidating to jump into. For a beginner, it could be somewhat daunting, but if better search results are the end game, then you should sit down and take a chance with playing around with Lookeen’s settings. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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