Today’s Politics – 6 Examples

A lot of us, have observed and observed, it appears, our politicians and elected officials, frequently, concentrate on their personal self – interest, and agenda, instead of serving the very best interests of individuals, these were elected for everyone and represent! While there might be individual exceptions and variations, a number of these individuals seem to predominantly, be motivated and influenced, by their fears and/ or avarice. It seems their fear relies upon, either, their wish to be elected and/ or reelected, or prioritizing politics, and political factors, within the needs from the public! Another concerning issue, may be the influences, produced, because when costly, it’s, to operate for political office, and, it frequently seems, just as much, or even more time, is spent, as with really, serving the requirements of individuals, these were elected, to represent! Yes, it is, this mixture of fears and avarice, which appear to dominate our political system, and limit how good, the American public, is offered and symbolized. This information will briefly examine, review and discuss, 6 examples.

1. Stick to the money: If our officials, supposedly represent us, why, even if you will find issues, which each and every poll, clearly signifies, is favored, with a large margin, nothing, of significance, is accomplished and/ or achieved? We’ve observed this, with regards to developing a quality healthcare system, in addition to a sane gun policy, but, rarely, does anything, of consequence, get achieved!

2. Gun manufacturers NRA: It’s difficult to think, it has been roughly 19 years, because the tragedy, in Columbine. Shootings in a variety of schools, along with the recent occurrences in Florida and elsewhere, along with the mass shootings in Vegas, have still, introduced about no results, despite the fact that, polls show roughly 70% from the public, believe gun control/ safety laws and regulations, and enforcement are essential. You have to question when the financial support, in addition to lobbying, through the N.R.A., would be the primary reasons, since the politicians, who’ve taken their contributions, fear opposing them, and therefore are greedy enough, you prioritized their financial support, to doing the best factor!

3. Pharmaceutical companies: How come the drug prices, within the U . s . States, a lot greater, than, the majority of all of those other free world? Instead of creating and developing fair, sane policies, our politicians, have ongoing to prevent addressing the options, and viable solutions!

4. Insurance providersOr healthcare: Our representatives have performed the blaming and complaining, game, instead of addressing the needs, in our citizens. How come America, not, have, the very best healthcare, whenever we spend as much as possible? Instead of fixing the issues from the Affordable Care Act, obama, Jesse Trump, and the cronies, have made an appearance to complete, all they are able to, to eliminate it, and then try to change it, by having an a whole lot worse program!

5. The electorate: Don’t just blame the politicians, but, rather, realize, it’s the electorate, that has, continuously, been fooled, through the rhetoric and promises, of candidates! Is that this according to your own fears, biases/ prejudgments, or indifference?

6. Afraid to consider an ethical stand!: What is happening to morality, ethics and doing the best factor? For reasons uknown, whether because of the very high cost holding office, temptations, fears (of losing power and/ or office), etc, now, more than ever before, we want, politicians, who’re ready, ready, to best serve us!

We reside in a realm of challenges and potential threats, but, instead of running from these concerning issues, we want, to elect individuals, who’ll fully stand up, and be true leaders! Regrettably, it is too rare, in the current political ecological, to determine, politicians transform to becoming statesmen, once they are elected!

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