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Vinyl Siding

Fed up with repainting your home every five to ten years? Vinyl siding might be the best solution you have been looking for. This kind of siding will often entail a lesser cost upfront when compared with conventional siding like a traditional cedar plank siding. Some might believe this exterior finish looks plastic to look at, however, many siding manufacturers make great strides to own product a far more colored ‘wood like appearance’ with grain accents along with a lower gloss finish.

More than one-third of home exteriors in america have this siding. When selecting exterior cladding, an affordable solution that’s aesthetically appealing is exactly what most owners search for. Past concerns with vinyl siding including yellowing, fading, rigidity and warping. Because of titanium oxide along with other innovations, this siding is produced to face up to weathering and keep a brand new appearance over extended amounts of time. Low maintenance exteriors on the home will also be typically preferred by most owners. Vinyl siding offers a bit of mind and it is easy around the pocketbook. Let us take a look at a few of the various intricacies of the exterior finish.

Color, Appearance & Other Available Choices

Previously, vinyl siding was ignored due to the color fade with time. However, most siding manufactured today shows limited fading through the years. An additional advantage of vinyl siding may be the full-range of colors available. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) has certified over 300 colors of vinyl for colorfastness. You will find a number of possibilities with this siding including fish-scale shingles, simulated wood-grain, smooth panels and other great tales. Various sizes in siding can also be possible most abundant in common being 3, 5 or 8 inches.

The Weather

This kind of siding can withstand sub-zero winter temperatures to the hottest of summers. It’s also created to withstand high winds and hail.


A distinctive benefit of vinyl is it could be installed over nearly any kind of surface. Even over stucco or brick. Vinyl siding is not for each home as it might not match the type and elegance. And, not every siding installers are produced equal. Nearly all siding companies offer comparable products, whereas the installer’s craftsmanship will be different a lot more. Because this kind of siding expands and contracts greater than other conventional siding materials, the greater knowledgeable the installer is by using this siding the greater.


While vinyl siding has low maintenance, it might not be entirely easy to maintain. Homeowners will not have to stain or paint it like traditional wood siding, however the cleaning from the vinyl might need to be achieved to mitigate any grime or mold build-up. Simply scrubbing or power cleansing the siding goes a lengthy means by passing on new existence and looking after it for many years. If fading from the siding does occur, a coat of exterior latex paint does apply (as major paint manufacturers have exterior paint products particularly created for this kind of siding). And, vinyl does be capable of hide potential issues. Whenever a home is sided with wood, the paint may nick or peel away when there’s an issue.

Vinyl siding may be used in a number of exterior home applications. This kind of siding offers durability and frequently has a lifetime warranty in the manufacturer. Based on the VSI, vinyl provides the cheapest installation cost of all of home siding. Be it new construction or updating a current home, vinyl siding provides a inexpensive and occasional maintenance option to homeowners. Generally, vinyl siding have a positive impact on the house value.
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