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Visiting the zoco

Among the most crowded places during the Tours of Morocco the Marrakech zoco is located. In case you do not know this place, it is a maze full of streets, work places and stalls where Moroccan do shopping and when stalls try to do win money with tourists. The zoco is extended since the north of Jamaa el Fna square and it occupies plenty of labyrinthine streets. Here you can buy any kind of cloth, spices, food, handicrafts and typical products.

This is one of the more authentic places in Morocco and many touristic guides will recommend it to you. So, after visiting a place in the Tour of Morocco do not forget to go for a walk around this city full of objects that you will love to buy and after all, this is the perfect moment to think in your loved ones with a great gift.

If you are looking for a peaceful place, you better go to a shopping mall. The zoco is about breaking the rules because everything could happen. In the place you do not expect to find something you like sometimes, instead you will find a person selling stuffs. There is cavity for all kind of cars journeying around this place. In addition to this, many tourist walk over the street with curious eyes looking for something really cute to buy, and they find it!

Fortunately, the good Moroccan have thought about everything and you will not suffer for insolation. The covers of some zocos make you protect of the sun, so you can rest of the intense shining of the sun for periods of time. Looking at people of all nationalities makes Marrakech city a destination full of exoticism. The fact is that everybody loves the Morocco tours and visiting the Zoco, there is not any doubt about it.

As there are many famous places in Morocco that you can see in the Morocco Tours there are another things that you surely could not see in any walk, and any Morocco travel agency will not tell you and this is the real spirit of the Marrakech zocos: bargain.

When you see the variety of things in Zoco, something will catch your attention and here it starts the millenary process of bargain.

For people who do not know the meaning, is about talking with the seller about the price until they get a lower price of the original one. So, here you can get amazing discounts and this kind of activities is really common in the Zoco, as this is a place of informal sales. After all, Tours in Morocco is not everything if you cannot take a meaningful detail with you to your country of birth.

There are some advice you can take into account when bargain:

  1. If you looked at something emotionally, it would be almost impossible that the seller does not offer you to come into his shop. So, it is necessary to be respectful and thus coming into the shop even though you do not want to buy anything. After all, he is not going to charge you for looking at what it is inside the shop.
  2. Maybe they will ask you about your nationality, this could infer about prices they offer. But by general terms, they always get interested in any foreign that comes there. Additionally, you can explain that you are doing beautiful Tours of Morocco and this may influence the prices. After all, you have spent a big amount of money doing this.
  3. Talking is the key. If you have a good conversation with you client, everything will be good.


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