WordPress Is Better Than Blogger

Every new webmaster desires to understand what may be the simplest way to starting a website. Many people are confused when examining benefits and the expense of blog systems like wordpress or blogger. This report explains just how it’s a definite advantage over Writer and why Wp could be our suggestion.

Open Source

Writer can be a private support of Google, the same as Gmail. We’d certainly be much more confident with WordPress, particularly if your blog is to get a company. It offers us more assurance and dependentdent on others.


Writer is located for free by Google, thus that you don’t have to purchase your own hosting space. WordPress.com offers the same company, where your WordPress website is located for free on WordPress.com machines. However the most significant aspect about WordPress is the fact that it’s also readily available for self hosting. This means without having to be determined by every other hosting server that you may take advantage of all of the top features of Wp. You may select your personal hosting support and install WordPress immediately.


Writer isn’t clear in mentioning the area limitations, thus from the best guess we are able to believe that there’s no control on text message. However, images are restricted upto 1 GB. Then the Writer conditions note:

If you have upgraded to Google+, your photos may be saved in Google+ Pictures, where you’ve 15GB of space for storing distributed to Push and Gmail.”

Which means that you also have to really have a Google+ account for increasing storage space and are also determined by Google+. This might not be extremely satisfying to individuals adverse to social media systems. WordPress it is determined by the hosting resources which you choose I.e and doesn’t have such recognized limitations. Space etc, bandwidth.


The main benefit of WordPress is the fact that it’s Open-Source. The Opensource dynamics of WordPress allows it to become incorporated with extensions, numerous extensions and themes produced, preserved and handled from the opensource community. As the disadvantage of the program contains unreliability and inconsistency, the benefits outweigh the negatives. More, writer doesn’t let FTP access, but a self-hosted WordPress site enables you to have complete access to every document inside the backend of your blog.

Writer could get you ratings on Google because of it being a google-owned company, however, to sum it up, Wp gives a more professional blogging experience along with you more freedom. Evaluate which solution fits your allowance and resources and you might want to consider the professionals and disadvantages of both methods.

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